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$50 / hour

Oftentimes, students learning from home struggle to keep themselves motivated academically or begin to feel isolated from students who are learning in a "brick and mortar" setting. Supplementing homeschool or online curriculum with a resourceful tutor is an effective way to help combat these common homeschooling situations.




Call to schedule a Zoom meeting for support with   homeschool curriculum.


Iceberg Tutoring Services, LLC is also available to meet at public establishments such as a library or coffee house.          


One student's academic journey is unimaginably different from another; none of the choices is significantly better over the others. In 2023, tailored learning has become increasingly popular in public schools, but the unintended consequences are life-long. Teachers, who instruct classrooms consisting of upwards of 20 students, have become fatigued with the counter productive collection and use of electronic data in classrooms with the goal of differentiating learning. Consequently, students have become apathetic toward in-person school assignments found online.

...on the classroom door of many public school teachers who arrange all 30 desks in straight rows, who rely on IXL to teach, and never get up from his/her desk.

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