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 Katherine Carrick

This summer, 2023, I have found myself in a unique position career wise.

16 years ago, I took my first serious step toward education as an end goal to college; I began as a short-term substitute for Minneapolis's Public School District at the beginning of the 2007 school year. While working with a diverse population of students in Minneapolis, I realized that I needed a new approach to

teaching -- for all students, in the most effective way possible. As I searched for ways to improve on being an engaging substitute teacher, I fulfilled the requirements set forth by the TEFL Institute of Chicago which included volunteer work with ELL students (I chose CLUES in Minneapolis). My students at CLUES were adult immigrants predominantly from countries of Latino origin.

My time spent teaching and conversating with students from CLUES helped me develop the confidence to apply to teach English abroad. I chose to live in Yeosu, South Korea, and teach English at both a public school and an English academy. Since returning home in 2011, I have been chasing that feeling of belonging to a community that comes hand-in-hand with providing a positive change from the way students have apathetically become accustomed to learning English as a language.

I have been employed at several educational institutions around Minnesota: public, private, alternative and Montessori. These institutions believe in the importance of offering English language curriculum, yet differ in opinion on how each teacher should approach any one lesson. 


I graduated from Farmington, MN, in 2000. In elementary school I was placed in a "special" reading class where I learned to read with a popsicle stick under my sentences (because the top and bottom ones blended together making the paragraph incomprehensible). By the time I was in my junior year of high school our counselor told me I would never go to college, that kind of life just wasn't in my future. 

Iceberg Tutoring Services, LLC CEO

University of St. Catherine, 2012 Alum
Pi Lambda Theta Honor's Society
MA in Education: Literature/Communication Arts   Action Research Focus: Emotional Behavior Disorders

During interviews, administration and staff would always ask the question, "Why didn't you go into English as a second language and concentrate on ELL students?"


My response is truthful: Every student I teach benefits from my own educational experiences. The mechanics and techniques, vocabulary and nuances used in English are being taught to ELL students at all stages of English learning. Our native English speaking students need the same focus from an educator who is actively studying these topics (for fun, in my free time). Furthermore, our general education classrooms have ELL students on the roster and these students are held to the same standard as their native English speaking peers.

1993 Farmington Minnesota School Patrol Card

Slideshow of References

Please take a moment to look through this slideshow. These documents include diplomas as well as reference letters from my past co-workers, students, and parents. 


                        is helpful in understanding why Iceberg Tutoring Services LLC boasts a range of customized learning opportunities. (Notable Dates: 1775, 1962, 1975)

Since 1635, public education in the United States has been continuously evolving in an effort to meet the dynamic needs of the everchanging communities it serves.  Unsurprisingly, patterns of clashing ideologies from the past predict a revolution within our educational sector once again.  Historical disputes surrounding public education include, but are not limited to: curriculum controversies, separate but equal facilities, religion's place, the use of a farmer's calendar, and which students should be in the general public classroom will lead to the future of education in the United States. I foresee highly qualified teachers gaining autonomy over his/her services.


Perhaps one day there will be no "middle-man" between families in need and highly-qualified educators.

Cheol Sang-sa (boss)

Yeosu, South Korea

"If [Katie] would accept a flight to Asia, I would hire her for my hakwan instantly."

Jesse (co-worker) 

Bloomington, MN

"Hey, Katherine. I am working at a Montessori school now. We are looking for an ELA teacher to work two hours a day. Are you interested?" 

You, hopefully

Near Me, MN

"Best financial and academic investment decision I have made for myself or my student."

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